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eHealth in wound care

From 2013 to 2015 EWMA was a partner in the EU supported United4Health project which aimed to support large scale deployment of eHealth services in Europe.

You can read more about EWMAs involvement in the United4Health project here

At this page we provide links to useful documents for health care professionals or administrators needing information about for example:

  • The available knowledge base for use of telehealth and telemedicine in wound care
  • What to consider before implementation
  • How to handle the challenges related to system interoperability

Available EWMA resources

Overview document by EWMA and Wounds Australia

As a deliverable for the United4health project, EWMA has published a document on eHealth in wound care: "eHealth in Wound Care - Overview and Key Issues to Consider Before Implementation"

The document was written in collaboration with Wounds Australia.

The document includes an introduction to terminology, a method for evaluation of eHealth solutions, an overview of available evidence, a discussion about the barriers and facilitators for the use of eHealth in wound care, and a road map for implementation in clinical practice.

Download the document here



Experiences and publications from other organisations

In this section you can find published material or further information about telehealth and telemedicine services in use i wound managament. Please note that this is not a complete list. If you have information which is relevant to share at this website, please contact the EWMA Secretariat, ewma@ewma.org


  • Wounds Australia: Guidelines for establishment of a telehealth wound programme 

Due to the geographical size of the country, Australia has many good examples of telemedicine services in use to provide rural areas with professional wound care. Wounds Australia has therefore developed guidelines for consideration when establishing a telehealth woundprogram.

The guidelines can be downloaded free of charge here


The RENEWING HEALTH project was an european project, partialy funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme, by the European Community. RENEWING HEALTH aims at implementing large-scale real-life test beds for the validation and subsequent evaluation of innovative telemedicine services using a patient-centred approach and a common rigorous assessment methodology.

The United4Health project was established as a follow up project to the RENEWING HEALTH project.

Visit the RENEWING HEALTH website here

Download the RENEWING HEALTH Final report here

For further information about the results of the diabetic foot telemedicine trial conducted as part of the RENEWING HEALTH project, we suggest the following article:

B S.B. Rasmussen, J Froekjaer, M R. Bjerregaard,J Lauritsen, J Hangaard,
C W. Henriksen, U Halekoh, K B. Yderstraede: A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Telemedical and Standard Outpatient Monitoring of Diabetic Foot Ulcers, Diabetes Care 2015;38:1723–1729

  • The eMedic project: Baltic region project testing telemedicine supported DFU care

The eMedic project took place from 2011 to 2014 and tested telemedicine services related to diabetes care, including diabetic foot care.

The project was funded by the EU central Baltic Interreg IV A Programme and included hospitals in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden.

Further information about the project and the final report can be found here

  • National or regional experiences with telemedicine in wound care

Below you find a selection of abstracts or reports briefly describing services or considerations related to telemedicine in wound care. These are provided as practice examples.

Australia (abstract): E-health the australian way

Italy (abstract): Telemedicine and wound care management service in the Italian public healthcare system

The Netherlands (abstract): What can wound care learn from dermatology; 6 years of tele-dermatology in the netherlands: results of 80000 tele-consultations

Norway (report): Adoption of Routine Telemedicine in Norway: An overview of activities from 2009 to 2011

UK (abstract): 3 million lives - the challenges and opportunities for mainstreaming telecare and telehealth


Useful sources of information (not specific for wound care)

The following organisations and projects provide useful information for those who are looking for further information about telemedicine and telehealth in general:


EHTEL is a pan European multi-stakeholder forum providing a leadership and networking platform for European, corporate, institutional and individual actors dedictated to the improvement of healthcare delivery through eHealth.

Recent publications by EHTEL are available for free download here


The Momentum Thematic Network is a platform across which the key players share their knowledge and experience in deploying telemedicine services into routine care so as to build a body of good practice. They are working together to define a Blueprint that validates a consolidated set of methods supporting the telemedicine service implementation process.

Recent publications by Momentum are available for free download here


    The Personal Connected Health Alliance aims to transform healthcare through personalized, interoperable connected health solutions. Among other things PCHA take technical leadership by publishing the Continua Design Guidelines, an open implementation framework for interoperability of personal connected health devices and solutions.

    Recent publications by PCHA are available for free download here