Course Structure

Students register at a participating university and receive pre-course materials prior to the Conference and may in some cases access pre-conference activities before the Conference.

A unique programme of activities based on the conference programme is devised by the academic staff from the participating universities. Time for informal networking with peers and wound healing experts is a central part of the programme.

Lecturers could opt to add post-conference activities after the conference has ended.

After the conference, students will continue to be supported by the participating universities until they submit an assignment at the end of the course.


Participating Institutions

Hogeschool VIVES





Odisee Belgium

Haute École de Santé

Geneva, Switzerland

University of Hertfordshire

United Kingdom

Donau Universität


Lietuvos Sveikatos Mokslų Universitetas


Universidade Católica

Porto, Portugal


Escola Superior de Enfermagem
S. Francisco das Misericordias

Lisboa, Portugal