Course Content

EWMA E-learning course in Basic Wound Management contains 7 modules. It offers a comprehensive and easy to follow introduction into basic wound management with a combination of theory and practice. Every module contains quizzes that help the students assess their knowledge.


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Module 1: Pathophyphysiology of wounds

This module aims to provide you with a better understanding of wound care, the essentials of the wound healing phases and moist wound healing.

Author: Sebastian Probst, Switzerland

Module 2: Wound assessment

This module will help you understand the key issues in wound assessment, as it is a crucial part of the planning of wound care and evaluation of wound healing. You will learn how to identify the appropriate objective scales and measures.

Authors: Sella Seppänen, Finland; Luc Gryson, Belgium;Andrea Pokorna, Czech Republic


Module 3: Treatment options - the armentarium of tretament in wound healing

This module will introduce relevant treatment options, including the different generic groups of available materials, a brief introduction to devices used in wound management and some basic principles of wound treatment.

Author: Luc Gryson, Belgium


Module 4: Wound infection

This module will increase your understanding of the nature of infections in wounds, antimicrobial therapies and prophylaxes.

Author: Peter Jägger and Robert Strohal, Austria


Module 5: Debridement

The module will introduce the different types of debridement in patients with various types of wounds. It will help you recognise the specific features of different types of debridement techniques in relation to the type and characteristics of the wound or wound bed.

Author: Andrea Pokorna, Czech Republic


Module 6: Pain in wound management 

This module will help you to understand and recognise the impact of pain on the wound patient and how to use the available tools to support the identification and level of pain experienced by the patient.

Author: Andrea Pokorna, Czech Republic


Module 7: Management of palliative wounds

The module will help you understand the importance of wound management in palliative care and identify symptom management in palliative wounds.

Author: Sebastian Probst, Switzerland