Raising Awareness About Pressure Ulcer Prevention...

... In Connection With EU Parliament Initiative on Patient Safety (2012-2013)

In collaboration with the Eucomed Advanced Wound Care Sector group (AWCS) EWMA during 2012-2013 engaged in the following initiative of the European Parliament.

In October 2013, the European Parliament (EP) adopted the own-initiative report by MEP Oreste Rossi on “Patient Safety including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections”.

The report specifically mentions multidisciplinary wound care and prevention of pressure ulcers, and urges member states to implement or increase measures to support multidisciplinary wound care and pressure ulcer prevention.

EWMA has actively contributed to the work process that has led to the adoption of MEP Rossi’s own-initiative report. Earlier in 2013, a EWMA policy paper on Patient Safety and Pressure Ulcers (which is available for download here) was elaborated by previous EWMA President Prof. Zena Moore, who also presented on the Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections in a May 2013 workshop hosted by the EP and MEP Rossi.

The own-initiative report by MEP Rossi is a reaction to the 2009 EP recommendation on "Patient safety, including the prevention and control of healthcare associated infections" and how this recommendation has been implemented by the Member States. Also available at the EP website


This advocacy activity by EWMA is related to the EU-supported Joint Action on Patient Safety and Quality of Care (PaSQ).