EWMA 2020, 18-19 Nov

All on-demand EWMA webinars

Safety and regulations in telemedicine


This webinar highlights aspects related to patient safety, data security and regulations related to  implementing of telemedicine services.  

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The evolution of the management of diabetic food syndrome (DFS)


This webinar is devoted to the latest trends in the management of diabetic foot syndrome (DFS).

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Dilemmas of understanding and optimising compression therapy in venous ulcers


This EWMA Webinar will explore and discuss why correct diagnosis and wording is crucial for selecting effective care strategies using compression therapy in venous ulcers.

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Wound care during COVID-19


This EWMA webinar focuses on wound care during COVID-19, and it is organised in cooperation with the Tissue Viability Society (TVS).

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Telemedicine in wound management: current practice and future potential


The speakers are discussing how telemedicine is currently implemented in wound management and what are the future perspectives on its consolidation and expansion.

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Personal protective equipment - skin injuries. prevention and management


This webinar will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the prevention and management of skin injuries related to the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

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How can health care professionals help chronic wound patients during COVID-19?


Una Adderley, Director of the National Wound Care Strategy Programme (NWCSP) in England, talks about wound care in the time of COVID-19.  Adderley answers on a range of questions linked to self-care practices for chronic wound patients, use of telemedicine during COVID-19, and much more.

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