Frequently Asked Questions: EWMA Research Grants supported by Convatec

1. Can one of the research grants cover costs that are above €10,000 EUR?

2. What can this grant cover?

3. What this grant cannot cover?

4. How do you define an early career professional within this grant application?

5. How do you define a senior career professional within this grant application?

6. In which language can I submit my application?

7. Who is eligible for this research grant?

8. Are there any restrictions related to the scope and the nature of the project?

9. What does it mean that “Funding should be spent within one year of the award being granted”?

10. What is the role of the co-applicant(s)?

11. Is it a requirement to have a co-applicant in my application?

12. Can my project be conducted in collaboration with a private company?

13. Can my project be co-funded via other grants?

14. How can I submit my application?

15. How can I make sure that my application was received?

16. When is the deadline for the submission of the application?

17. Who will assess the applications for the research grants?

18. Is it possible to contest the decision of the EWMA’s established expert committee?

19. When will I receive an answer on my application?

20. If I am one of the grant receivers, when will I expect to receive the grant?

21. Are there any requirements related to the dissemination of the project objectives and outcome?