Upcoming publications in 2022

These documents will be published in spring-autumn 2022:


The project aims to review and highlight the new technologies for surgical management of chronic wounds that are currently on their way to the market.

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EWMA will publish an update of the EWMA Document: Antimicrobials and Non-healing Wounds (2013). The publication will highlight the changes in knowledge regarding use of antimicrobials since 2013, and will describe the principles of antimicrobial stewardship.

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EWMA Position Documents (2002-2008)


Hard-to-heal wounds: a holistic approach

May 2008

Topical Negative Pressure in Wound Management

May 2007


Management of Wound Infection

Spring 2006

Identifying Criteria for Wound Infection

Fall 2005


Lymphoedema Bandaging in Practice

Fall 2005 (Focus Document)

Wound Bed Preparation in Practice

Spring 2004

Understanding Compression Therapy

Spring 2003

Pain at Wound Dressing Changes

Spring 2002