Resources for wound patients and relatives

In this section EWMA provides information for patients and private care givers who wish to know more about the cause of and management of chronic wounds/ulcers.

EWMA does not offer advice on specific patient cases, and refer to the health care professional who is reposible for their treatment for further advice. The information provided at this website is intended to provide patients with a good basis for communication with health care professionals about wounds.

We will, however, appreciate any feedback with regards to the information available at this site. In case you have any proposals for additional material or changes in the current information, please send an email to


Please visit the pages below for information targeting patients with wounds and their relatives.




Living With Chronic Wounds


With the Living With Chronic Wounds (LWCW) project, EWMA aims to illustrate the experience of the wound patient in a number of recorded interviews with the patient, the health care professional(s) responsible for the treatment and care of the patient, as well as a representative of the health care institution. The most common types of non-healing wounds are represented, among others diabetic foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and venous leg ulcers.

View the videos here