EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

Cooperating Organisations' Board

One of the pillars of EWMA is the close cooperation with the Cooperating Organisations. In the Cooperating Organisations' Board, representatives from national organisations discuss and plan the European development.

The board meets annually at the EWMA Conference.

The Cooperating Organisations' Board currently consists of the following representatives:

Chair: Severin Läuchli

Country Board member Organisation Full organisation name
Austria Gilbert Hämmerle AWA   Austrian Wound Association
Belarus Leonid Rubanav STW Belarus Society for the Treatment of Wounds (Gomel, Belarus)
Belgium Christian Thyse  AFISCeP.be  Francophone Nurses' Association in Stoma Therapy, Wound Healing and Wounds 
Belgium Jan Vandeputte BEFEWO Belgian Federation of Woundcare  
Belgium Els Jonckheere CNC Clinical Nursing Consulting – Wondzorg
Bosnia and Herzegovina Jasmina Begić-Rahić URuBiH Association for Wound Management of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Vladislav Hristov BWA Bulgarian Wound Association
Croatia Mirela Bulic CWA Croatian Wound Association 
Czech Republic Lenka Veverková CSLR Czech Wound Management Society  
Denmark Susan Bermark DSFS Danish Wound Healing Society 
Finland Heli Kallio FWCS Finnish Wound Care Society 
France Sylvie Meaume SFFPC The French and Francophone Society of Wounds and Wound Healing 
Germany Arne Buss DGfW German Society for Wound Healing and Wound Treatment
Germany Christian Münter ICW  Chronic Wounds Initiative  
Greece Georgios Vasilopoulos HSWH Hellenic Society of Wound Healing and Chronic Ulcers
Hungary Hunyadi János MSKT Hungarian Wound Care Society 
Hungary Mária Hok  SEBINKO  Hungarian Association for the Improvement in Care of Chronic Wounds and Incontinentia
Iceland Guðbjörg Pálsdóttir  SUMS  Iceland Wound Healing Society
Ireland Caroline McIntosh WMAI Wound Management Association of Ireland 
Italy Valentina Vanzi AISLeC Association of Nurses for the Study of Cutaneous Lesions
Italy Corrado Maria Durante AIUC  Italian Association for the Study of Cutaneous Ulcers
Kosova Skender Zatriqi  WMAK  Wound Management Association of Kosova
Latvia Aleksandra Kuspelo LBAA Latvian Wound Treating Organisation
Lithuania Loreta Pilipaityte LWMA Lithuanian Wound Management Association
Macedonia Suzana Nikolovska  MWMA  Macedonian Wound Management Association
Malta Corinne Ward MASC Maltese Association of Skin and Wound Care
Norway Øystein Karlsen NIFS  Norwegian Wound Healing Association
Poland Arkadiusz Jawień  PWMA Polish Wound Management Association
Portugal Aníbal Justiniano APTFeridas Portuguese Association for the Treatment of Wounds
Portugal Tania Santos ELCOS Elcos Wound Healing Society
Portugal Rosa Maria Nascimento GAIF Associated Group of Research in Wounds  
Romania Ana-Maria Iuonut AMP Romania Wound Management Association Romania
Serbia Goran D. Lazovic SAWMA Serbian Advanced Wound Management Association 
Serbia Saša Milićevic SWHS Serbian Wound Healing Society 
Slovakia Ján Koller SSPLR Slowak Wound Healing Society
Slovakia Jozefa Koskova SSOOR Slovak Association for Wound Care 
Slovenia Dragica Tomc WMAS Wound Management Association Slovenia 
Spain Esther Armans Moreno AEEVH Spanish Association of Vascular Nursing and Wounds
Spain J. Javier Soldevilla GNEAUPP  National Advisory Group for the Study of Pressure Ulcers and Chronic Wounds
Spain F. Xavier Santos Heredero SEHER The Spanish Society of Wounds
Sweden Susanne Dufva  SSIS Swedish Wound Care Nurses Association
Sweden Magnus Löndahl SWHS  Swedish Wound Healing Society
Switzerland Sebastian Probst SAfW  Swiss Association for Wound Care (Swiss German Section)
Switzerland Maria Iakova SAfW Swiss Association for Wound Care (Swiss French Section)
The Netherlands Louk van Doorn NOVW Dutch Organisation of Wound Care Nurses 
The Netherlands Ellie Lenselink V&VN V&VN Decubitus- and Wound consultants
The Netherlands Peter Quataert WCS Dutch Knowledge Centre for Woundcare
Turkey Hakan Uncu WMAT Wound Management Association Turkey
UK Kirsty Mahoney AWTVNF All Wales Tissue Viability Nurses Forum
UK Susan Knight LUF The Leg Ulcer Forum
UK Connie Traynor NATVNS National Association of Viability Nurse Specialists (Scotland) 
UK Ray Samuriwo TVS  Tissue Viability Society
Ukraine Nataliia Vasylenko UWTO Ukrainian Wound Treatment Organisation