EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for the organisation and planning of the scientific conferences of EWMA. In particular this committee is responsible for designing the scientific programme of the conferences, including the selection of focus topics and speakers as well as evaluation of abstracts.


  • Alberto Piaggesi, EWMA, Scientific recorder
  • Sue Bale, EWMA
  • Tina Chambers, TVS
  • Britt Ebbeskog, SSiS
  • Georgina Gethin, EWMA
  • Kirsi Isoherranen, EWMA
  • Edward Jude, EWMA
  • Severin Läuchli, EWMA
  • Christian Münter, EWMA
  • Sebastian Probst, EWMA
  • Raymond Samuriwo, TVS
  • Eila Sterner, SSiS
  • Jan Stryja, EWMA
  • Luc Téot, EWMA

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