New EWMA Document: Atypical wounds - Best clinical practices and challenges

03 Jun

JUST PUBLISHED: The new EWMA Document Atypical Wounds - Best Clinical Practices and Challenges addresses the wounds that are creating the most challeging situations for clinicians and/or patients from a prevention, treatment and organisational perspective.

Atypical wounds are generally understood as wounds that cannot be defined under one of the primary non healing wound categories, such as venous, arterial, mixed or diabetic foot ulcers. They present a broad spectrum of conditions or diseases caused by inflammation, infection, malignancy, chronic illnesses or genetic disorders. Atypical wounds can be suspected if the wound has an abnormal presentation or location and does not heal with a good treatment plan.

The document is published as an online supplement to the Journal of Wound Care and can be downloaded free of charge here:

Read more about the Atypical Wounds project here.

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