Disability in Europe - New article from joint EWMA & EPUAP PU prevention and patient safety project

26 Mar

A just published article from the joint EPUAP & EWMA Pressure ulcer prevention and Patient safety advocacy project focuses on the risk for disabled people of developing pressure ulcers. Depending on the group and setting, people with disabilities encounter greater risks of comorbidities, age-related and secondary conditions, including pressure ulcers.

The new article states that acting to improve quality of care is not only possible, but also necessary. For those who use a wheelchair, or are bedridden, preventing secondary conditions, or comorbidities is a life-long commitment which requires understanding, cooperation and initiative. EPUAP and EWMA are at the forefront of raising the awareness at EU level about pressure ulcers, wound care and patient safety.

Read the full article here here.

This article is the last of seven articles from the joint EPUAP & EWMA Pressure Ulcer prevention and Patient safety advocacy project. Read more about the project and download all seven articles here

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