New EWMA Document published: Holistic Management of Wound-Related Pain

20 Mar

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new EWMA Document: Holistic Management of Wound-Related Pain.

The document aims to review the evidence for the holistic management of wound-related pain in individuals with chronic wounds in order to provide recommendations for healthcare professionals in clinical practice.

The document includes the following crucial elements in a successful management of wound pain:

  • Overview of the multidimensional nature of wound pain and its causes;
  • Holistic assessment of the patient in pain and its documentation;
  • Physical therapies for wound-related pain management;
  • The role of patient education for wound-related pain; 
  • Psychological approaches for wound-related pain;
  • Complementary and alternative medicine for wound-related pain.

The author group include Samantha Holloway (UK) (editor), Kirsti Ahmajärvi (FI), Nicoletta Frescos (AU), Sue Jenkins (UK), Alisha Oropallo (US), Simona Slezáková (CZ) and Andrea Pokorná (CZ).

Read more about the project on would-related pain and download the document for free.

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