EWMA Online Survey: Challenges and opportunities in palliative wound care

21 Feb

EWMA Online Survey on Palliative Wound Care

Help us identify current clinical challenges and opportunities in palliative wound management

EWMA is currently working on a new document to provide clinicians with up-to-date information and recommendations for the management of palliative care wounds. We ask you to complete a short 18 item questionnaire and help us identify the current challenges you may have in managing such wounds and some key questions around the type and frequency of such wounds.

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Palliative wound care deals with interdisciplinary care of wounds, including symptom control and management, for individuals who are often vulnerable and have impaired quality of life. For many patients with palliative wounds, managing the distressing symptoms of these wounds is a daily challenge and also a reminder of a failing body. Some of the inherent challenges for patients, carers and clinicians are lack of evidence on current options to manage such wounds and lack of education on how to manage them.

By contributing to this survey, you can help us support health care professionals in their selection of the best strategies for management of palliative wounds and to enhance patient outcomes, research and education in this field.

For more information go to the Palliative Wound Care project page

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