Results of the Council Election 2023

09 May

New Council Members Elected

Five new members are welcomed to the EWMA Council following the election prior to the EWMA 2023 conference.

This year there were five vacancies for individual members of EWMA and two vacancies for the Cooperating Organisations representatives in the EWMA Council.

The following new candidates were elected by the individual members:

  • Ewa Stürmer, Germany
  • Franco Bassetto, Italy
  • Joan-Enric Torra Bou, Spain

Two candidates were re-elected:

  • Elena Conde Montero, Spain
  • Paulo Ramos, Portugal.

Read more about the newly elected council members here.

The candidates elected by the Cooperating Organisations are:

  • Corinne Scicluna, President of the Maltese Association of Skin and wound Care (MASC)
  • David Pérez Barreno, President of the Wounds and Vascular Nursing Spanish Association (AEEVH)

Read more about them here.

EWMA warmly congratulates all the new and re-elected members of council and is looking forward to the collaboration!

And a great thank you to the leaving council members Samantha Holloway, Pedro Pancorbo Hidalgo, Alberto Piaggesi, Kerstin Protz, Luc Téot, and Evelien Touriany for their invaluable dedication and contribution to EWMA.

The EWMA Council

The Council is the main deciding body of EWMA.

The Council decides the overall goals and strategy of the association, what projects the organisation will work on, as well as preparing the yearly EWMA Conference.

There are 20 members of the council as well as appointed representatives of partner organisations Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) from the USA and Wounds Australia.

All members of EWMA have the opportunity to candidate for Council in the annual election held prior to the EWMA conference.

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