Council Member: Battistino Paggi

21 Mar

A Collaboration to Benefit Everyone

As a member of the EWMA Council and the board of the Italian organisation AISLeC, Battistino Paggi is working for a collaboration to exchange knowledge between the Italian and European healthcare communities.

Collaboration with local partner organisations is fundamental to strengthen the work of EWMA to improve wound care in all of Europe. The Council members are important to facilitate such collaborations.

Battistino Paggi is a research nurse and consultant and a member of the EWMA Council. He is also a member of the board of the organisation AISLeC – Associazione Infermieristica per lo Studio delle Lesioni Cutanee – a leading organisation for wound care in Italy. Battistino Paggi joined the EWMA Council after being elected by representatives of the EWMA national partner organisations (Cooperating Organisations) during the EWMA conference in May 2022 in Paris.

AISLeC is an Italian interdisciplinary, non-profit nursing association dedicated to the study and treatment of skin lesions. Specifically, the association is focused on promoting the study and practice of wound care, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic wounds.

Its members are primarily nurses and other healthcare professionals who specialize in wound care. The association offers a range of activities and resources to its members, including continuing education courses, scientific meetings and conferences, research projects, and publications.

“It is important to promote good education in wound management,” says Battistino Paggi.

Good education ultimately is for the benefit of the patients, and, as Battistino Paggi says, the patients are a central focus for AISLeC.


EWMA 2023 Conference: An opportunity to exchange new ideas  

The EWMA and AISLeC collaboration is currently very much focused on the EWMA 2023 conference taking place in Milan at the 3rd to 5th of May.

“It is a good opportunity to promote the contribution of the Italian scientific community to other EWMA members, but at the same time it is an opportunity to bring new discussions in wound management into the Italian healthcare community,” Battistino Paggi says and adds:

“The EWMA Congress is the first step to introduce new ideas for changes in patient treatment.”

With a presence in Italy since 1993 AISLeC is recognized as a leading authority on wound care in Italy, and its members play an important role in advancing the field through research, education, and advocacy. The association is also committed to promoting collaboration among healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers to improve the quality of wound care and patient outcomes.

The collaboration with EWMA expands on this commitment. Ultimately, to Battistino Paggi, the exchange of knowledge and experience is a key role of EWMA, as this brings the best possible wound care to patients all over Europe.

“It is important to homogenize the treatment, and particularly it is important to create a pathway of treatment, that is based on the best knowledge and evidence,” Battistino Paggi says.

Series: Meet the Newest Council Members

In a series of articles here at, we will meet the members of the EWMA Council, who were elected this year.

The EWMA Council

The Council is the main deciding body of EWMA. 

The Council decides the overall goals and strategy of the association, what projects the organisation will work on, as well as preparing the yearly EWMA Conference. 

There are 20 members of the council as well as appointed representatives of partner organizations Association for the Advancement of Wound Care (AAWC) from the USA and Wounds Australia. 

All members of EWMA have the opportunity to candidate for Council in the annual election held prior to the EWMA conference. 

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