Urgent appeal for support of affected Ukranian EB Patients

10 Mar

Urgent appeal for support of affected Ukrainian EB patients

 Dear partner,

We at DEBRA International find ourselves faced with a humanitarian crisis that requires collective action globally. The war in Ukraine has tremendous consequences for all Ukrainians but its impact is perhaps most severe for those with debilitating health conditions like EB. In solidarity with those affected, Debra International are working to meet the urgent medical needs of Ukrainians with EB.

We invite you to join us in influencing the lives of some of these patients.

We appeal for your support through donations (cash or kind) as we work with DEBRA Ukraine to assist 120 EB individuals with severe forms of EB, either still in Ukraine or in neighbouring countries. These patients and families are in urgent need of woundcare and nutrition supplies among other needs. We have already initiated support for Ukranian patients in receiving nations and are centralising our collective efforts to be managed by Debra International.

On behalf of Debra International, I entreat your support in cash or/and kind for the following supplies:

  • Wound care material/dressings
  • Nutridrinks or other foods for special medical purposes
  • Preparations for removing dressings, eg Niltac
  • Disposable needles
  • Disposable gloves
  • Pads for changing dressings
  • Non‐woven compresses
  • Disinfecting preparations and fluids for rinsing wounds.

For further information on our initiative please contact us office@debra‐international.org.

Donations are welcome via our bank account:

Account Name: DEBRA International
IBAN: AT656000000510045254
Bank Name: BAWAG P.S.K.
Bank Address: Georg‐Coch‐Platz 2, 1018 Vienna, Austria

We apologise if you've received this request from other channels but assure you that collection of funds/supplies have been centralised and will be managed by Debra International.

On behalf of the executive committee and the larger EB community, our sincere gratitude.

Dr Ritu Jain
President of DEBRA International

DEBRA International

Am Heumarkt 27/1 1030 Vienna

office@debra-international.org www.debra-international.org

DEBRA International is registered as a Charity in Austria (ZVR 932762489)

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