EWMA Council and Executive Committee - News & election results

11 Jul

EWMA Council & Executive Committee - News and election results


EWMA warmly welcomes the following new or re-elected members of the EWMA Council:

Elected by the individual members:

  • Mark Collier, United Kingdom
  • Magdalena Annersten Gershater, Sweden
  • Alexandra Marques, Portugal (re-election)
  • Andrea Pokorná, Czech Republic (re-election)

Elected by the Cooperating Organisations of EWMA: 

  • Beata Gress Halasz, Slovak Wound Care Association (SSOOR)

More information about the elected candidates



At the EWMA Annual General Meeting held on 9 July 2021, EWMA members welcomed Sebastian Probst as the new EWMA President. Sebastian Probst takes over from Alberto Piaggesi, and we are sure that he will continue the successful development and many initiatives introduced by Alberto Piaggesi over the previous two stormy years, which have to a large extent been influenced by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Alberto Piaggesi will stay with us a bit longer, as he will continue as the Immediate Past president in the next two years. 

A big 'thank you' thanks to Alberto Piaggesi for progressive leadership and visions, and a big welcome to the post to Sebastian Probst, who we are sure will be a great EWMA President in the two next years!



EWMA thanks the following leaving council members for their great contributions to the work of EWMA as well as fruitful collaboration over many years. 

  • Sue Bale, United Kingdom
  • Luc Gryson, Belgium
  • Elisabeth Lindahl, Sweden
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