Roundtable Meeting in Berlin, Germany raises public awareness

15 May

On 10 May 2016, a breakfast for specially invited politicians and health care decision-makers took place in Berlin.
The topic of the meeting was ”Care in times of demographic changes”. This joint initiative of EWMA, the German Chronic Wounds Initiative (ICW) and the German-Austrian-Swiss wound care umbrella organisation WundD-A-CH was chaired by member of the German parliament Mr. Erwin Rüddel and the EWMA President Dr. Severin Läuchli. Among the 26 participants were 9 members of the German parliament.
The objective was to present and discuss the challenges in the treatment of chronic wounds in Germany as well as across Europe.

Click here to read an article by the German medical newspaper Ärzte Zeitung, based on the discussion topics from the roundtable meeting.

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