16 Apr

The election of members of the EWMA Council takes place in two seperate elections:

- The individual EWMA members' election. This will take place via online ballot

- Election of representatives nominated by the Cooperating Organisations. This election will take place at the Cooperating Organisations Board meeting, held Thursday 12 May during the EWMA 2016 Conference in Bremen, Germany.

The candidates for this years' EWMA Council election have now been nominated.

There are two vacancies in council for candidates elected among the inidvidual members of EWMA, and two vacancies for representatives of the Cooperating Organisations


The candidates for the individual members election are:

- Julie Jordan O'Brien (Ireland)

- Dubravko Huljev (Croatia)

- Luc Gryson (Belgium) [Re-election]

- Sara Rowan (Italy/UK)

For more information about the candidates, including profile descriptions and CVs, please click here.

For more information about the election and the election procedures, click here


The candidates representing Cooperating Organisations are:

- Selcuk Baktiroglu (WMAT; Turkey)

- Kirsi Isoherranen (FWCS, Finland)

- Francesco Petrella (AIUC, Italy)

For more information about the candidates representing the Cooperating Organisations, please click here

The procedure for election of these candidates will be described at the Cooperating Organsations Board meeting, 12 May 2016 in Bremen, where this election will take place.

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