EWMA launches a series of podcasts on wound management

10 Sep

EWMA has recently launched its brand new podcast series. The EWMA Podcasts is a monthly podcast series hosted by EWMA. It features conversations with leading health care professionals from across the world touching upon important topics within wound management. The podcasts are available here: https://ewma.org/what-we-do/ewma-podcasts/

In the first episode that was released in September 2019,  the podcast host Julie Jordan O’Brien is discussing with David Armstrong the current challenges and opportunities in the management and prevention of diabetic foot ulcers.

In the second episode, Samantha Holloway, Chair of the EWMA Education Committee and Teacher Network, speaks to Sebastian Probst and Ida Verheyen-Cronau about the standardisation of the wound education in Europe. Both podcast guests share their experience in implementation of the EWMA level 5 and 6 post-registration curricula for nurses in Switzerland and Germany. 

The third episode of the EWMA Podcasts will be published on 1 November. In this episode, Julie Jordan O’Brien will talk to Georgina Gethin about "Person-centred care. Who is in charge of the wound".

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