New EWMA website

12 Apr

EWMA’s website has undergone a full make-over to improve the users’ online experience when looking for wound information and resources. New features are available for both professionals and non-professionals.

The address remains the same, but behind the URL is a whole new experience when it comes to finding wound-related content, whether you are a health professional or a citizen.

The new is more than just a digital facelift. A lot of effort has gone into making the navigation on the site easier by re-arranging content, using more illustrations and adding new features. Also, the design is now responsive, which is a vast improvement for users of tablets and smartphones.

For visitors of EWMA Conferences, there is also change underway. Starting with the EWMA 2017 Conference in Amsterdam, the Conference’s website will be incorporated into, making the website the sole access point for all information concerning EWMA.

A brand new feature is a section for patients and relatives. Here, citizens with interest in wound care can find out about their rights as a wound patient, and find answers to many of their questions and explanations to the terms often used in wound management. This initiative is introduced by EWMA’s ‘Patient Panel’, which works to enhance EWMA’s engagement in patient rights and patient empowerment.

Educators in wound management will be pleased to have free access to EWMA’s education modules on the website. The education modules constitute a curricular framework for developing education programmes in various areas of wound management. Though the information is available without charge, it is strongly advised that the use of the education modules is followed by a review by EWMA’s Education Committee with the aim to obtain an endorsement of the education programme.

The website is continuously developing, and amongst other things EWMA aims to make more audio-visual content available to our users in the future. To support this, the site will soon include a new platform, the EWMA Conference knowledge centre, which will be the entrance point to all types of materials related to previous EWMA Conferences, such as abstracts, posters and recorded sessions. We hope that this will ensure the continued availability of all the important knowledge sharing that takes place during the EWMA conferences.

Should you have any recommendations for improvement or other feedback to the site, we will be very happy to hear from you. Send an e-mail to

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