EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

Preventing and managing surgical site infections across health care sectors

While guidelines for preventing and managing surgical site infections in hospitals are in place in many countries there is still a need for guidance on how to deal with SSI management and prevention in community care. A set of recommendations on this topic covering primary as well secondary care, and targeting health care professionals in hospital as well as community based nurses and general practitioners, does not yet exist.

EWMA has therefore decided to focus on surgical site infections (SSI) and initiate a project based on broad interdisciplinary collaboration.

Part of this project will be a publication on surgical site infections in Spring 2018. The document will be developed in collaboration with Wounds Australia.

The main objectives of the EWMA SSI project are to:

•    Map the SSI incidence, prevalence and high risk areas, based on published information and data available from SSI-registries.

•    Present the available modern techniques for prevention and treatment of surgical site infections, including assessment of cost effectiveness, patient mobility, pain etc.

•    Provide best practice recommendations for SSI management and prevention in hospitals and community care.

Jan Stryja (Editor), Czech Republic, Vascular Surgeon (EWMA)

Kylie Sandy-Hodgetts (Co-editor), Australia, Research Scientist  (Wounds Australia)

Gregory Bohn, USA, MD, General Surgery (AAWC)

Mark Collier, UK, United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Claus Moser, Denmark, Medical Microbiologist

Karen Ousey, UK, Professor of Skin Integrity

Jennie Wilson, UK, Epidemiologist

Deborah Xuereb, Malta, Infection Prevention Nurse



Project sponsors

This project is supported by an unrestricted grant from: