EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

Symposium Speakers

All speakers must register for the conference. Registration, accommodation, and travelling costs must be covered by the company for any invited speaker or chairperson from the organisations.

Fiwed Fee

The companies must pay a fixed fee even if the speaker is also an invited speaker at the scientific conference or EWMA Council member. The fixed fee covers the speaker’s hotel room for 3 nights, the registration fee, and travel expenses.

The fee is 1,455 for speakers from outside Poland and 1,155 for speakers from Poland.

If more companies invite the same speaker, the costs will be split evenly between the companies.

EWMA holds the right to invite speakers until the time of conference and can therefore not provide a full list of speakers during the planning of the event.


Companies will be invoiced the fixed fee just before or just after the conference.