EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

When Wound Management Meets the Economic Dimension

In a scenario characterized by the presence of many factors that drive the rise of healthcare expense, the economic sustainability of the European healthcare systems is under pressure. In this context, the economic dimension inevitably enters in the debate and may affect the choices of many stakeholders. The session analyses how policy makers, hospital administrators, and clinicians address the relationship between the economic dimension and wound management. From the debate between the speakers and the audience, we will try to define how to build a common ground between innovation, quality of care, hospital budget constraints, and economic sustainability of the system.

Chair: Alberto Piaggesi and Giuseppe Turchetti

Julian F. Guest, UK
When the Clinician Meets the Economic Dimension… “Nice to meet you…or not?”

Carlo Milli, IT
When the Hospital Administrator Meets the Economic Dimension… “It’s not my fault, it’s my job..!”

Giuseppe Turchetti, IT
When the Economist Meets Wound Management…. “A forced marriage, but we will fall in love..!”