EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

Scar Management: What Is New?

Scars are a global problem, either leading surgeons to decrease the size of their incisions or suppress them, or issuing to dysgrace and exclusion in some countries, Scars may be considered as socially unacceptable in others and reduce quality of life for the majority.
Scoring and classifications were provided during the last 20 years.

New avenues were recently opened, with different therapeutic options, chemical with anti-cancer drugs injections, mechanical with postoperative intelligent dressings or compressive garments. Physical agents like lasers are developed in a large series of different clinical
indications using a wide range of wavelengths, and low dose of radiotherapy are proposed to reduce cell proliferation. In scar surgery, local or at distance flaps are available, as well as skin reconstruction using dermal substitutes, waiting for a complete skin substitute still in the research field.

This session will be an up to date of the different options, presented by European prominent actors in the field.

Overview of Scar Treatment Guidelines

Laser Treatment of Scars

Dermal Substitutes

Mechanical Aspects of Scar Management