EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

Opening Key Session: Krakow: New Frontiers in Wound Management

The opening session of the EWMA 2018 conference takes its starting point in the conference theme, Krakow: New Frontiers in Wound Management. With reference to the demographic changes and the challenged health care systems, the presentations in this session
describe the expected development in chronic wound epidemiology in the nearby future, and explore available and future solutions offered by new technologies and strategies supporting prevention and patient safety. Together they will try to explore the new frontiers
and discuss how wound management may develop in the future.

David Margolis
Global Demography of Chronic Wounds across the 2020s. Epidemiology Data

David Armstrong, USA
Will Biotechnologies Improve the Lives of Patients or Will They Over Complicate Treatment and Increase Costs?