EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

International Lymphoedema Framework


Session Title: LIMPRINT - An international study of the prevalence and impact of chronic oedema / lymphoedema across the world. 


LIMPRINT (Lymphoedema IMpact and PRevalence – INTernational Lympoedema Framework) is an international study aimed at capturing the size and impact of chronic oedema in different countries and health services across the world. Focus is to provide evidence to support the development and reimbursement of lymphoedema services. This session is aiming to discuss the size and impact of lymphoedema in relation to the challenges of wound care management in Europe and worldwide.

Sue Bale, EWMA President

LIMPRINT – An Overview of Methodology, Challenges and Successes
Christine Moffatt

LIMPRINT in Acute Hospital Settings
Susan Nørregaard

Panel discussion

About ILF:
The success of the UK Lymphoedema Framework in improving the management of this condition in Great Britain has led many international lymphoedema experts to express an interest in the methodology and spirit of the Framework. This is why Christine Moffatt and her team decided to set up the International Lymphoedema Framework (ILF) as a charity. The choice of charitable status is a strong message to the lymphoedema community on the ethos and vision that govern the Framework. It is also a guarantee of the independence of the ILF in the ethical use of its resources and its capacity to actively contribute to the improvement of the management of lymphoedema worldwide, and especially in developing countries.

We believe that:

Patients should always be at the heart of Framework Projects.
Only a collaborative and multidisciplinary partnership between all stakeholders, recognized as experts, can lead to an improvement in the management of lymphedema.
Improving the management of lymphedema is a dynamic process requiring ongoing research and implementation into practice.
International collaboration is essential.

What motivates us:

“Thanks for your assistance and all the work you have done and are doing to move Lymphedema forward. As a mom with a young child with Lymphedema, you have no idea how much your efforts mean to me”, K.A., Canada

Find more information about ILF on: www.lympho.org