EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN)


Session title: (Mal)nutrition and Wound Healing: The Importance of Early Detection, Diagnosis and Management

Session objectives:
Optimal nutrition is well recognized as a critical component and key factor in all the wound healing processes. A significant wound leads to a hypermetabolic state and nutritional needs can be significantly increased. If this happens in already malnourished patients, it will impede healing and lead to severe morbidity and negative outcomes. The learning objectives in this session are:

  • To learn about the importance and role of macronutrients in wound healing
  • To learn about the diagnosis, detection and treatment of malnutrition
  • To learn that the nutrition care process goes hand in hand with wound healing

Kurt Boeykens, BE
Feeding the Patient and the Wound: The Importance of Nutrition Nursing

Stanislaw Klek, PL
Special Nutrients in Wound Healing

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