EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

The Joint EPUAP-EWMA PU Prevention & Patient Safety Advocacy Project


The topic of patient safety has for some years been high on the European Commission health care agenda. At the EU level, as well as at the national levels of most European nations, considerable investments have been made by health care authorities to establish organisations and programmes addressing the patient safety agenda. Looking at the patient safety agenda from a wound care perspective, the topic of pressure ulcer (PU) prevention has always been central due to the fact that most PU’s are preventable if the patient is managed correctly by health care staff. Consequently both EPUAP and EWMA have separately, over some years, been advocating for the prevention of PU’s as a major health care and patient safety issue. This project brings together the combined efforts, skills and knowledge of both EWMA and EPUAP to work together in partnership in a combined effort to raise the awareness of pressure ulcers and patient safety in general, at the European level, as well as at the national level in selected European countries.
The objective of this session is to provide the participants with a clear understanding of the joint EPUAP-EWMA PU prevention & patient safety advocacy project, in addition to inviting participant debate and discussion around the proposed actions.

Zena Moore, IE    
Introduction & Update in the Work of the EWMA/EPUAP Advocacy Group

Ian Brownwood, FR   

Hubert Vuagnat, CH   
Inter Disciplinarity Driving forward the Goals of Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Andrea Pokorna, CZ   
What Can We Learn from Case Studies about Continuity of Care and Multidisciplinarity