EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

The Role of the Micro-Environment for Bacterial Persistent in Chronic Wounds

Most clinicians and scientists extrapolate the existing knowledge based on acute infections and laboratory experiments of biofilms to understand, diagnose and treat chronic wounds. However the diagnostics and treatment of chronic wounds remain extremely difficult.  The reason for this is that bacteria in chronic wounds are not similar to laboratory biofilms and chronic infections cannot be treated as acute infections. We need to understand the in vivo biofilm and the microenvironment present in chronic wounds before we can improve both diagnostics and treatment of these. This session will cover the latest knowledge on what we know about the bacterial transcriptome and microenvironment within chronic wounds, and discuss it in relation to previous consensus


  • To review the current knowledge around microbiology and wounds
  • To differentiate between planktonic versus biofilm infections on wounds or not
  • To understand the microenvironment in chronic wounds and its clinical implication
  • To understand the differences between in vitro and in vivo biofilms and bacterial behavior
  • To reduce the gap between basic science and clinical science in that subject
  • How to approach that problem from a clinical point of view


Thomas Bjarnsholt, DK
The Micro-Environment in Chronic Wounds - Influence on Bacterial Persistence
Peter Østrup Jensen, DK
The Gaseous Micro-Environment, Oxygen Limitations Who Benefits?
Marvin Whiteley, USA
The Transcriptomic Profile of Bacteria in Chronic Wounds Compared to In Vitro