EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

The Challenges, Innovations and Collaborations in Lymphoedema/ Chronic Oedema Management


  • Understanding the difference between chronic oedema, lymphoedema, lipoedema and obesity
  • Collaboration between tissue Viability and Lymphoedema to improve and simplify the pathway for patients with wounds
  • The push for self care management through innovation including presenting our 16 video film prescriptions as well as the ‘wet leg’ pathway
  • Developing a joint wound care and lymphoedema clinic with Professor Keith Harding- frontiers in practice



Melanie Thomas    
The Challenges – Getting the Right Diagnosis

Karen Morgan   
Innovations in Managing Chronic Oedema and Wet Legs

Karen Morgan & Melanie Thomas   
Collaboration – How Do We Improve Collaboration