EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

Wound Diagnostics and Assessment

Wound assessment is an essential procedure for finding a proper diagnosis, setting a relevant grade of ulcer and evaluation of the wound healing process. In multidisciplinary wound management we can apply many specific diagnostic figures and scoring tools, but sometimes the source of problems could be the multidisciplinarity and multiprofessionality themselves. The beginning of the key session is dedicated to identification of the main barriers for the use of standardized tools for appropriate wound assessment. Risk factors related to non-healing wounds are the next issue introduced during the meeting. The last part of the session is focused on practical usage of assessment tool for incontinence associated dermatitis. Finally, specific experiences of the attending participants will be discussed at the end of the programme.

Andrea Pokorna, CZ
What are the Main Barriers for the Use of Standardised Tools for Appropriate Wound Assessment

Zena Moore, IE
Assessment of Risk Factors Related to Non-healing Wounds

Dimitri Beeckman, BE
How to Classify Incontinence - Associated Dermatitis (IAD)?
Introduction of the Validated Ghent Global IAD Categorisation Tool (GLOBIAD)

Hubert Vuagnat, CH
Diagnostics – Behind Wound Evaluation, Going to Global Patient Evaluation