Satellite Symposia/Workshops

Boost your company’s exposure and brand recognition and present your clinical data by hosting a Satellite Symposium or giving a hands-on experience in a workshop.

Rates vary with the exclusiveness of the symposium and the capacity of the session room.

Corporate Sponsors at EWMA will receive a discount on Symposia.

Symposia opportunities




Please note: Speakers can engange with two companies for industry symposia. 

Speakers are responsible to inform any company who contact them, if they are engaged with other comapanies already about their involvement in the conference.

We recommend companies to check with the speaker as well if they have agreed to speak for any other companies already. 

All speakers must be registered for the conference. The company must cover the registration, accommodation,and travelling costs for any invited speaker or chairperson from the organisation.


If a company uses a speaker or chair, already invited by EWMA for EWMA’s scientific programme, the company must pay a fixed fee in order to cover the costs of that speaker. If several companies invite the same speaker, the costs will be split evenly between the companies. Companies will be invoiced the fixed fee prior to the conference.

The fixed fee covers:

  • 1 day registration
  • 1 night accomodation
  • Travel

EWMA organizes registration, accommodation, and travel directly with the speaker.

EWMA holds the right to invite speakers until the conference starts and can therefore not provide a full list of speakers while the event is being planned.


Preliminary speaker fees are estimated to: (to be finally confirmed fall of 2023)

 UK+EuropeOutside Europe
1 day registration€ 350€ 350
1 night accommodation€ 360€ 360
Travel costs€ 440€ 1,490
Total€ 1,150€ 2,200

For speakers that are not invited by EWMA, you will have to take care of their travel, accommodation and registration


As a part of your booked A- or B- Symposia, we are offering you the opportunity to send out a promotion e-mail blast prior to your symposium.

We expect to have around 4.000 delegates in total.

Receivers:        All registered delegates before the mailing day.

Content:           A ZIP folder containing your HTML email template and images, which were used in the template.

Images can max. be 200 kb.

Please use the WeTransfer service or Dropbox the send your materials.

Deadline:          1 week before the mailing day

Mailing day:     Upon request (due to availability)

The e-blasts are limited to 1 per day and sold on a first-come, first serve basis.

Price:             € 2,000