Focus group

Most often, the requested key opinion leaders will already be present at the conference. In this case a focus group is a very cost-effective way of arranging a meeting with key stakeholders in order to gather information that the company currently needs.

If the company wishes to invite participants not already present at the conference, the additional costs of registration, accommodation and travelling must be considered. Depending on the choice of moderator for the session, other further expenses might also have to be considered.

If you would like to use a clinician as moderator we will be able to help you identify someone and to establish the contact with him or her.



The overall purpose and specific programme of each focus group will have to be agreed individually and are typically developed in close collaboration with the conference secretariat. The conference secretariat will take care of all the practical organisation of the focus group session.

Fee €11,000




Focus groups are interesting for companies that:

  • Are interested in feedback on products or clinical studies
  • Would like to establish contact to key opinion leaders
  • Are new to the European market or general aspects with market access
  • Need feedback on potential applications of existing products
  • Are about to launch a new product