EWMA 2024: Visa and invitation letter

EU citizens, EEA (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and Swiss citizens can travel to the UK for holidays or short trips lasting less than 6 months without needing a visa.

For any other countries please see the visa requirements and further information on the official site:


For other essential and useful information, please look at the buttons below. 



Visas should be applied for well in advance of your intended departure date. Please note that while we wish to assist our participants by providing the visa invitation letter, we do not contact the Embassy or Consulate on behalf of participants and we are not in a position to influence Embassy / Consulate procedures or decisions.

Applicants should contact the nearest local UK Embassy or Consulate to determine the appropriate timing and conditions of the visa application

If a participant’s application for a visa is refused, the conference secretariat will refund the paid registration fees only when a copy of the refusal letter is received before 19 April 2024.


The different categories below refer to how fast a visitor wishes to get their application completed:

  • Standard service is around 3 weeks from submitting biometrics, but it is recommended that applications are made as early as possible (from 3 months before traveling).
  • Priority service* means that the UKVI will aim to make a decision on the application in 5 working days. This service is available in over 200 locations.
  • Super Priority service* reduces this time to the end of the next working day. This service is available in around 20 locations.

*Both Priority and Super Priority services are charged at an additional fee and some applications may take longer if they are complex.

The cut-off dates below are an indication of the deadline visitors will need to apply for their visa in each category – i.e. if visitors don’t apply before 9th April using the standard visa, they would need to pay extra for Priority service or risk not being granted a visa in time for their travel.

Key cut off dates
Date calculated fromStandardPrioritySuper Priority
30/04/202409 April23 April29 April

Disclaimer: The above information serves as a guideline only and may be subject to change. Please check with the relevant visa authority for any specific or updated information. EWMA cannot be held responsible for any issues or complexities regarding your visa or visa application process.


Invitation Letter

Participants can request an official invitation letter via the online registration tool. The letter will only be issued to registered participants who have paid their registration fee in full. Please note that the letter aims to assist participants who need to obtain a visa, or permission to attend the conference, and is not an official invitation letter covering fees or any other expenses.