ECET 2024, 2-3 May 2024, London, UK

We are happy to announce that the 15th Conference of the European Council of Enterostomal Therapy (ECET) will take place in London, UK, 2-3 May 2024 during EWMA 2024.

Same venue, same exhibition, same programme timeslots.

The ECET conference 2024 offers 2 full days of high level scientific and clinical sessions and workshops, networking activities as well as excellent opportunities to exchange knowledge and experiences with international colleagues.

You can combine the EWMA and ECET conferences with a registration for both conferences. More details regarding registration can be found here.

By participating in ECET 2024, you:

  • Become updated and educated on the most recent knowledge and research within enterostomal therapy
  • Get the opportunity to experience and meet with peer researchers and clinicians
  • Get the chance to attend a variety of high-level sessions,free papers, workshops
  • Meet suppliers and exchange experiences related to their products - the ECET exhibition will be included in the +150 companies EWMA exhibition where you will have plenty of opportunity to meet companies in the field.