How to write an abstract

Are you considering submitting your abstract for EWMA 2024, we recommend you read or re-read the article "Writing an abstracts - 10 points to consider" by EWMA Journal of Wound Management editor and past scientific recorder, Georgina Gethin. In the introduction she writes:

The abstract is often written last, but is read first by any reviewer or conference scientific committee; it appears in database searches for systematic reviews or other forms of evidence synthesis; and, put simply, is a window into the full story of what you have done.
Unless it is presented properly, people will not read it. After months, and in some cases years, of endeavour, whether it is research or practice development, the abstract deserves your attention to make it stand out, to make people stop and read it and to give credit to
the work that has been undertaken.
The following ten points are based on years of screening abstracts for conference submissions and as a reviewer for scientific journals. It is a guide and, hopefully, will assist you in the abstract-writing process.

Read the full article here:

Main points of the article is also available in this presentation: