Satellite Symposia/Workshops

Boost your company’s exposure and brand recognition and present your clinical data by hosting a Satellite Symposi-um or giving a hands-on experience in a workshop. Rates vary with the exclusiveness of the symposium and the capacity of the session room. Corporate Sponsors at EWMA will receive a discount on Symposia.

Symposia opportunities

  • All prices quoted are net prices. The legally required VAT will be included upon billing.
  • 100% of the total amount will be invoiced upon ordering. 
  • All payments must be received before the start date of the conference.
  • Should the supporter fail to complete payments prior to the commence of the conference, the organizer will be entitled to cancel reservation while can-cellation will be subject to cancellation fees as determined.
  • EWMA reserves the right to cancel a booking after the payment due date if any payment remains due.
  • Following receipt of the order confirmation, the order is binding, and the customer commits to pay as per the above-specified payment terms. Cancellations are non-refundable.
  • In case of cancellation due to the COVID-19 pandemic (including any variant), sponsorship fees corresponding to the remaining amount after deduction of the expenses already committed and/or paid in connection with the organization of the congress will be refunded. EWMA will provide all relevant documentation, evidence and/or expense receipts in support of this deduction.

  • All speakers must register for the conference. The company must cover the registration, accommodation and travelling costs or any invited speaker or chairperson from the organisations.


  • If a company uses a speaker or chair, already invited by EWMA for EWMA's scientific progrprogram company must pay a fixed fee in order to cover the costs of that speaker.
  • EWMA will take care of their registration, accommodation for 3 nights, and travel in this case.
  • If several companies invite the same speaker, the costs will be split evenly between the companies.
  • Companies will be invoiced the fixed fee prior to the conference.
  • EWMA holds the right to invite speakers until the conference starts and can therefore not provide a full list of speakers while the event is being planned.
  • The fee is € 1,499 for speakers outside Italy, and € 1,190 for speakers from Italy.
  • If none of your speakers are invited by EWMA, you will have to take care of their travel, accommodation, and registration.