Message for Sponsors regarding AIFA/SVC

If you have a subsidiary in Italy or you have made the booking with an Italian invoice address your participation needs to be approved by AIFA (medical devise) or SVC (pharma companies).

For those sponsors/exhibitors needing the AIFA or SVC application documents kindly note the following upcoming deadlines:



AIFA: 70 days before congress (i.e. 22 February 2023 at the latest)

SVC:  120 days before congress (i.e. 3 January 2023 at the latest)


The partner in Italy assisting with the tasks related to the AIFA or SVC application documents needed is Sintex Servizi srl.
Please refer to Sintex Servizi srl for any questions you might have in this connection.


The handling costs payable to Sintex are:

AIFA: 300 EUR per company

SVC:  500 EUR per company


The handling cost will be invoiced by EWMA.


Lucia Citarella

Marketing Manager

Mobile +39 334 5637144

Sintex Servizi srl
Via Antonio da Recanate, 2
20124 Milan