VWHA 2023: Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Terms

Cancellations must be sent in writing to registration@ewma.org.

Refund of registration fees will be granted as follows:

  • Received on or before 1 March 2023: A processing fee of €50 per cancellation.
  • After 1 March 2023: No refund
  • Refunds by bank transfer or credit card will be processed after the conference. No refunds will be granted in case of a no-show.

If for reasons beyond the control of the organizer, the conference is canceled, the registration fee will be refunded after the deduction of expenses incurred by the conference.


Name change

A name change is possible until and on the 1st of April 2023, a fee of €20 will be charged per name change. After this date, it is no longer possible. Name changes should be advised in writing to registration@ewma.org.


Payment & VAT Terms

Payment is possible by invoice (bank transfer) or credit card.

Upon completion of the registration, an automated email confirmation will be sent. Depending on the method of payment, the invoice or credit card receipt will be attached. The PDF is original and will be the only copy you will receive.

It is your responsibility to forward the invoice to the correct place for immediate payment and you must ensure that the correct VAT number and invoice address are entered during the process.

Registration fees will be charged in Euro (€) including VAT (Italy VAT 22%). EWMA 2023 is registered for VAT in Italy; IT 00187749999. It is required that we charge local VAT. Invoices cannot be issued without VAT. The reverse charge mechanism does not apply.


Sharing of contact details

The EWMA Secretariat will collect and store all personal data through the online registration system, and data will be treated by EWMA only for organizational purposes, particular for matters in relation to the registration, monitoring of credits for CME (Continued Medical Education), as well as information about EWMA. 

Each participant receives a name badge onsite carrying the family name and the first name of the participant as well as a QR code. Each participant shall consider that by accepting any scanning of the badge at any stand at the conference, the participant gives his/her authorization to EWMA to transfer the data of the participant regarding his/her postal address and e-mail to the holder of the stand, including the authorization to use said data for marketing purposes. 

By registering for EWMA 2023 you give consent to receiving information on EWMA activities and conferences for you or the participants you are registering. Participants can opt-out of receiving any further information at any given time.


In case of reasons beyond the control of the conference organizers, EWMA has the right to immediately alter or cancel the Conference or any arrangements, timetables, plans, or other 

items relating directly or indirectly to EWMA. The participants shall not be entitled to any compensation for the damage that results from such alteration or cancellation. Furthermore, apart from any willful damage or gross negligence committed by EWMA, EWMA shall not at any time be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the participants, including consequential and immaterial damage, caused by failure to comply with any provision of this statement.

The information that you provide to EWMA will be used to ensure we provide you with products and services that best meet your needs. This may include the promotion of EWMA products and services by electronic means.



Please note that video recordings/photos will be captured during the conference for use on the EWMA website and EWMA social media.

Recordings will take place in session rooms and exhibition areas and will focus on capturing the atmosphere of EWMA. Recordings will not focus on individual attendees.

If you identify yourself in a specific picture or video after the conference and you do not wish it to appear on the website or social media, please contact the EWMA Secretariat and we will delete the picture or recording.