Scientific programme

We look forward to welcoming you to EWMA 2023 and to present a wide variety of sessions on topics important to the wound community.


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Key sessions

The programme features a mixture of new topics which are important to the European wound community in addition to topics that have been popular during previous EWMA conferences. The sessions deal with advancement of education and research in relation to epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, prevention and management of wounds.


The full-day streams are particularly popular among EWMA conference delegates, as they foster more in-depth discussions.


The workshops are typically held in a smaller setting than key sessions, focus sessions and free paper sessions. EWMA workshops are interactive and give participants an opportunity to address and elaborate on particular aspects of the themes of the individual sessions.

Focus sessions

A focus session is an opportunity to go into depth with a topic. The focus sessions take place in a smaller setting and typically have 1-2 speakers.

Guest sessions

A number of organisations are invited to organise a guest session. This serves to increase scientific cooperation and networking with organisations active in thematic issues related to wound healing and management.