Satellite Symposia/Workshops

Boost your company’s exposure and brand recognition and present your clinical data by hosting a Satellite Symposi-um or giving a hands-on experience in a workshop. Rates vary with the exclusiveness of the symposium and the capacity of the session room. Corporate Sponsors at EWMA will receive a discount on Symposia.

Symposia opportunities

In English are available follow symposia:

2 time slots available

B Symposium - 5 time slots

C Symposium - 1 time slot

Available French symposia:

A Symposium - 3 time slots

B Symposium - 5 time slots



All speakers must register for the conference. The company must cover the registration, accommodation and travelling costs or any invited speaker or chairperson from the organisations.


The companies must pay a fixed fee even if the speaker is also an invited speaker at the scientific conference or EWMA Council member. The fixed fee covers the speaker’s hotel room for 3 nights, registration fee and travel expenses.

The fee is € 1,499 for speakers outside France and € 1,190 for speakers from France. If several companies invite the same speaker, the costs will be split evenly between the companies.

EWMA holds the right to invite speakers until the conference starts and can therefore not provide a full list of speakers while the event is being planned. Companies will be invoiced the fixed fee just before or just after the conference.


All symposia must be approved by the Scientific Committee of EWMA 2022 and chaired or co-chaired by a Council member from one of the organising societies or someone appointed by EWMA