Are you a veterinary surgeon or experienced nurse with a passion for wound management? Or are you from the human field and interested to experience what is going on in veterinary wound healing science, or to be inspired from another point of view? Join the

International Conference of the Veterinary Wound healing Association (VWHA)
at EWMA 2022, 23-24 May  

The main theme on Monday May 23rd is: 



This theme will address problems and questions we all encounter in everyday veterinary practice. Surgical site infections (SSI) are a nuisance for anyone and cause high costs as well as stress for the vet, owner and animal. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to prevent SSI. Surgical site and wound infections are caused by bacteria, and infections are prevented and treated with antibiotics… or are they?


We live in a world where resistant bacteria cause increasing problems. Researchers and clinicians thus need to address this problem and strive to reduce SSI and wound infections as well as the use of antibiotics. It has become increasingly clear that there are no straightforward answers to these issues, and many questions remain open: Do antibiotics prevent or increase SSI rates? When are bacteria a problem in open wounds? When do we need to provide antibiotics, and which alternative strategies do we have available? What is the role of NPWT, pH, honey and laser treatment?


In the end of the afternoon we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the VWHA. The founding VWHA council will present about the developments in various fields related to wounds over the past 25 years. 


On Tuesday May 24th we have organized a short communication session and a session for wound centers.

Join the Veterinary Wound Healing Association to learn about the practical approach to prevent and treat wound and surgical site infections. Enjoy the programme with keynote lectures about the latest views, research developments, and discussions.

Call for abstracts!

Similar to other years, we have organised a free communication session which will be held on Tuesday May 24th. Brand new research about a variety of subjects in the field of veterinary wounds and wound management will be presented. 

Are you interested to submit an abstract: please approach:

Abstracts (including original studies, case studies and case reports) dealing with all aspects of wound management (diagnosis, treatment, disease mechanisms etc.) in large AND small animals  are invited! Deadline April 30th 2022