EWMA 2021: Exudation


The session will include lectures on differential diagnosis of exuding wounds - typical features of non-healing wounds regarding the quality and amount of exudate, the phase of healing and possible complications (e.g. wound infection). Complex treatment of exuding wounds will cover management of the wound exudate and local peri-wound complications, prevention of a maceration, impact of wound dressings on the exudate production, compression therapy, treatment of the wound infection. 


Wednesday, 27 October

13:00 - 14:00

Session Room 2

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Please note that the timetable may be subject to change.



Complex management of exudate in leg ulcers

Jan Stryja

Podiatric outpatients' department, Hospital Podlesi, Trinec

Complex management of exudate in DFU and ischemic wounds
Speaker TBA