FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Below, please find the most commonly asked questions about the EWMA 2020 Virtual Conference.

Get answers about the Virtual Exhibiton Area, Live-chat, Lead Retrieval, New Product Area, Symposia, Meetings, Registration and Posters.


The Virtual Exhibiton Area


- What are the expected number of participants?



- Is there a live-chat?

- Do you recommend to have persons/staff available the whole day to instantly answer questions?

- Will the questions be collected when the chat is unattended, e.g. outside the opening hours?

Lead Retrieval


- Can we use our own Terms & Conditions?



- We will use a pre-recorded video in our symposia. Is there a suggested time/length for the video or a limit?

- Or will visitors be able to view it on-demand?

- If it is only viewable during a specific period, will there be an opportunity for a live Q&A after?



- In the conference explanation it says Personal LIVE meetings wherein the platform will you find them?



- Do guest registrations include access to the full program, symposiums, and free navigation between the exhibitors at all times?

- Do staff registrations give full access to the EWMA 2020 conference?

- What are the registrations prices at the EWMA 2020 conference?

- If we are not allowed to give away any of our guest registrations to customers, KOLs etc. since there are more regulations around this now – do you have any suggestion on how to solve this?



- Regarding the posters, one of our KOLs that has his poster accepted, is asking me if he needs to do an oral presentation (he won´t be able to do that because of date conflict). On the other hand, he´s asking for help to prepare the e-poster