EWMA 2020, 13-15 May

EWMA 2020 Workshops

EWMA Workshops are typically held in a smaller setting. They are interactive and give participants the opportunity to elaborate on particular aspects of the themes.

The workshops will cover:

  • The Living With Chronic Wounds Case: How to use Digital Storytelling in Clinical Practice, Education and Advocacy
  • Exploring the interaction between the patient and the care giver
  • Debridement
  • After Debridement
  • Biofilm Workshop
  • What is your diagnosis?
  • Galenics in Skin Care
  • How to Perform Punch Grafting
  • Novel Trial Designs in Wounds
  • How to Read a Paper - Understanding the Basics
  • Diabetic Foot – Assessments, Offloading and Footwear
  • Trauma Wounds and Injuries: Innovative and Pragmatic Treatment
  • A Team Approach in Wound Care: Barriers and Facilitators