EWMA 2020: E-Poster presentation instructions

General information

All e-Posters will be easy to access on the virtual platform where the participants can browse through them. Please note that there will not be specific time slots for e-Poster presentations in the programme.

Instead, we are providing you with the opportunity to “present” your work to other participants by uploading an audio file to your poster. You will find the instructions below on how to prepare your e-Poster and record the audio (optional).

Instructions for preparing your e-Poster

The instructions applies for both types, with and without recorded audio.


  • Only Microsoft-PowerPoint (*.ppt or *pptx) presentations will be accepted. Please setup your presentation in 16:9, landscape format.

 Go to: PowerPoint -> DESIGN -> Slide size -> Widescreen (16:9)

  • Please note that the maximum number of slides permitted is 5
  • Video clips up to a maximum total duration of 30 seconds may be included in the poster. Videos included in your posters must start automatically, NOT on click!
  • Hyperlinks and animations are not permitted. Sound on videos or embedded sound files are not supported.

>> Presentations attached to emails cannot be processed. <<


E-Poster regulations:

  • For all references to products or companies, generic names must be used. Brand names can be inserted as a reference at the bottom of the E-poster.
  • Advertising/corporate logos should be avoided on the E-poster.
  • Sponsored posters should be identified by a text like: this work has been made possible by an educational/research grant from "X Company".

E-Posters that do not comply with the above policy may be removed.


Audio recording (optional)

Please find below the instructions on how to make an audio recording together with your e-Poster with the MS PowerPoint narration function (the recorded audio should be 3 minutes max):

In your power point presentation, click on the Slide Show tab, click Record Slide Show.



  • Clicking the upper half of the button starts you on the current slide.
  • Clicking the lower half of the button gives you the option to start from the beginning or from the current slide.


The Clear command deletes narrations or timings, so be careful when you use it. Clear is grayed out unless you have previously recorded some slides.


For detailed instruction or in case you use a different windows version or Mac OS please follow this link:



E-Poster upload

It applies for both types, with and without recorded audio.

  • E-posters should be uploaded prior to the conference and by 2nd November, 23:59 CET at the latest
  • The upload link will be sent in a separate email from the platform provider, M-events, in October.


After the conference

All e-Posters will be available on-demand after the conference in the EWMA Knowledge Centre.