EWMA 2020: Technologies in Wound Healing


The main objective of this key session is to allow a discussion of technologies in wound healing from different perspectives. A gene therapy approach to treat epidermolysis bullosa will be presented, to spur discussion of the challenges that this type of technology has to meet to reach patients. New devices used in wound management will also be presented, to highlight advantages or potential limitations in specific wounds and specific procedures. Further, the challenges of obtaining reliable data on new technologies will be discussed. Ultimately, the potential of 3D printing for skin wound healing will be presented, aiming to identify target clinical niches.  


3D printing of skin substitutes

Alexandra Marques, Ph.D., Portugal

3B’s Research Group, University of Minho

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Gene therapy in epidermolysis bullosa

Laura De Rosa, Italy

Head of Development Gene Therapy Unit 

Holostem Terapie Avanzate S.r.l.

Artificial intelligence

Ignacio Hernández Medrano, Spain

Savana Med.