EWMA 2020, 18-20 Nov

EWMA 2020: European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS)


Session title: Chronic Wound Closure: Both Dermal and Epidermal Compartments are Essential


We aim to point out the importance of taking into consideration both dermal and epidermal compartments for understanding chronic wounds' pathogenesis as well as developing future therapies.

About ETRS

The European Tissue Repair Society (ETRS), a non-profit organisation founded in 1988, aims to promote knowledge and interchange among scientists, healthcare professionals, industry and other individuals who have an interest in tissue repair of all organs. The Society organises annual meetings concentrating on different aspects of tissue repair, ranging from basic science to the clinical aspects of healing. It is the ambition of the ETRS to promote the translation of scientific results from the laboratory to clinical situations and vice versa. The ETRS is preparing for the major challenges to wound care in the 21st century through several educational initiatives by supporting young investigators with scholarships/travel grants and arranging summer schools on advancing wound research.

Find more information about the ETRS at www.etrs.org.



Lessons to be learned through contrasting pathological scars with non-healing wounds

Tanya Shaw, United Kingdom

King’s College, London

Strategies Toward Wound Reepithelialisation: The Extracellular Matrix in Context

Patricia Rousselle, France

CNRS, Lyon University, Lyon

How regenerative medicine will contribute to chronic wounds in the future

Jean Jacques Lataillade, France

Instruction des Armées Hospital, Percy